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When it comes to bathroom remodeling, bathtubs don’t only appeal to us humans. The following is a story about how one dog owner discovered the importance of bathtubs for man’s best friend.

There was a time when I thought I didn’t need to have a bathtub. I’ve always been more of a shower person anyway. I don’t have the time to soak in the tub when I have to be up at five every morning to get the kids ready for school, drive to work, pick up the groceries, and keep the rest of the house tidy. So when I recently prepared for a bathroom remodeling job in my Virginia home, I started thinking about removing the tub altogether and replacing it with a standalone shower instead. But there was one member of my family who had a special connection with our bathtub.

We’ve had our Golden Retriever called Freddie for seven years. He’s a big dog – about 24 inches tall – and he just loves jumping in the tub whenever the bathroom door is ajar. It’s one of his adorable little quirks, but I never realized how much I took it for granted until a recent storm changed the way I think about bathtubs.

One morning, my youngest son left the back door open. Freddie escaped and disappeared. We looked all over and couldn’t find him anywhere. I told the kids he’d probably come back, but when the storm erupted and he was nowhere to be found for the rest of the day, I was beginning to worry that he might never come back.

Luckily, amidst the lightning strikes and gales of rain, Freddie finally charged through the back door later that night. I’ve never seen my kids happier to see their beloved pet. There was only one problem, though. He was covered in mud!

Predictably, Freddie ran straight for the tub and jumped right in. After a warm bath, Freddie was good as new. With that, a new family ritual developed. Every week, Freddie hops into the bath and soaks up the suds while we scrub him down.

I may not be the world’s biggest fan of bath time, but I’m not the only one who uses our bathroom. So I made sure that the tub survived our bathroom remodeling design and that the brand new marble tiling and glass panels we installed helped make our bathroom more welcoming and accessible than ever before-not just for the humans in our household, but for our favorite dog, too.


There’s one aspect to bathroom remodeling that often gets lost in the shuffle to create a luxurious, calming environment: Where exactly do you plan on storing everything?

Storage is a necessary component of any well-tended bathroom. Luckily, there are many different ways in which remodeling your bathroom can incorporate some first-rate ideas about keeping all your materials in one place, saving you time and confusion when you’re getting ready for your day.

• What Your Mirror Can Do For You: A well-lit bathroom mirror is a crucial tool for when you’re applying make-up or shaving. You have many options to consider for lighting your mirror. If you choose vertical fixtures on both sides of the mirror, make sure they are symmetrical, guaranteeing an even cast of light on your face. The size of the mirror will determine the distance and size of the lamps you use, giving you the light source perfect to suit your needs every morning.

• Shelf Life: Just imagine how much easier your life will be by installing one or two shelves into your bathroom walls. Finally, a convenient place for you to grab your fresh and fluffy towels, saving you extra time to relax. Do you have any special lotions you leave around for the purposes of a deep bath? Pop them on the shelves. Don’t forget you can leave enough space for a good book for those who like to occupy their time. Finally, if you ever find yourself in the mood for a refreshing bath, you now have the perfect place to store your candles for when you need a little mood lighting.
• Sink Storage: A perfect addition for your remodeled bathroom is a wall mounted vanity. With their modern and sophisticated designs, wall mounted vanities will make a bold statement on behalf of you and your home, making you stand out amongst your friends, family, and neighbors. In addition, these bathroom vanities provide ample storage space to keep all your bathroom necessities in one organized place, allowing for a spotless sink in the process.
• Bathroom Nook Potential: Sick of leaving your hair care products on the shower floor? Imagine how much you can do with a brand new bathroom nook. Install a built in niche within your shower’s surround tiling and think about how much space you can have to store away your hair and body lotions at long last. Plus, bathroom nooks can be used to accentuate the design pattern you choose for the surrounding walls, emphasizing the bolder texture and colors, and underlining the stylistic statement you choose to make.

An organized bathroom is a happy bathroom. Once you equip your bathroom with the storage space necessary to hold your appliances, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing where all your prized items are, preparing you for every waking moment of the day.


Talking about your bathroom has never been considered artistic, but when you consider how many design ideas rest at your disposal, you will soon discover that bathroom remodeling is an art just like any other.

You know that whenever a friend or family member walks into your home for the first time, they have made a snap judgment about the way you live based on how you’ve decorated or designed your living room. When it comes to the bathroom, the same rules apply.

So how do you want people to feel when they step into your bathroom? You can choose a design on your bathroom remodeling can invokes the soothing, serene qualities of a pleasant Sunday afternoon spent in a spa. This is why more and more people are opting for natural stone to fashion their bathroom renovations. A natural stone tiling pattern will make you wonder if you’re about to step into a luxurious sauna every time you take a trip inside. However, the appearance of natural stone in your bathroom will depend on the perfect tiling installation.

These days, many more people in the DC area are opting for travertine marble tiling in their bathroom remodeling. These tiles are fashioned from natural marble stone, assisting you in cultivating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you and your houseguests. Travertine marble comes in many different shades and tones, which gives you the versatility you will need when it comes to remodeling your bathroom in exactly the way you want it.

But marble isn’t only useful for enriching the textures of the floors and walls of your new bathroom. Marble can also be used to sculpt the vanity tops that surround and complement your bathroom sink. A marble vanity top provides a smooth, polished surface that wraps itself around the sink area, bringing an extra coat of sophistication to your surroundings. Plus, marble isn’t the only preferred option for vanity tops: other customers have opted for quartz and granite vanity tops. In any case, you have the power and opportunity to tailor your sink to your own personal needs, so you should seize it and embrace it.

An added advantage to the use of natural resources such as marble and granite is that they go together perfectly with any and all bath and shower designs. A standalone shower or a porcelain bathtub will be elegantly surrounded and complemented by these all-natural, exquisite surfaces, giving you the comfort and pleasure you don’t often find in other people’s bathrooms.

Every design will make a lasting impression on all who step into your remodeled bathroom. Never take your design for granted. It’s your bathroom, after all.


Any bathroom remodeling design to convert your bathroom into the luxurious inner sanctum you deserve comes with many important considerations, but there is one consideration that isn’t talked about too often in bathroom remodeling discussions: the toilet.

This is where bathroom design really matters. You don’t have to settle for a toilet sitting awkwardly up against your bathroom wall. A wide range of possibilities awaits you in redesigning your bathroom to better incorporate the toilet, assisting in cultivating an elegant and calming environment for you whenever you step inside.

For example: one increasingly popular bathroom remodeling idea is installing a toilet room inside your bathroom. Toilet rooms provide an added layer of comfort and privacy for every visit to the bathroom for you and your houseguests.

Moreover, if you choose the toilet room option, you can take the bathroom remodeling design a step further: A washbasin will provide additional privacy and freedom while adding an extra flourish of sophistication to your bathroom. Some toilets now include the washbasin installed directly on top of the toilet itself if you have limited space. Installing a toilet with an integrated washbasin maximizes the amount of space available to you while providing additional aesthetic value as well as convenience.

There are unlimited design possibilities when to help your toilet fit in better with your new bathroom environment. Building a niche around the toilet using all-natural marble tiling will assist in complementing the toilet with the overall bathroom remodeling design while adding elegance and sophistication to the toilet itself.

Another option you have to enhance the aesthetic qualities of your toilet is to use glass paneling. Nowadays, more and more people are employing glass to enclose their bathtubs and showers. Adding two glass frames around your toilet will help imbue your bathroom with an additional layer of tranquility to your surroundings. This will work especially well if you’ve already installed glass paneling for your shower.

Whether it’s in the tiling, the paneling, or the painting, there are myriad possibilities sitting in front of you for when you need to remodel or reposition your toilet to suit the needs of your brand new remodeled bathroom. You don’t need to limit your aims toward a toilet’s functionality. Every little detail within your bathroom has the capability to exceed expectations by draping you in comfort and luxury. In this regard, the toilet is no exception.


Which side do you fall on: Baths or showers?

Depending on your lifestyle, it might make more sense to shower regularly. On the other hand, others love having the option of running a nice, warm bath and soaking in the tub in peace and tranquility for a time. Whatever your preference, it’s important to take this factor into consideration when you’re brainstorming your bathroom remodeling ideas.

So let’s say you’re more of a shower person. The idea of taking a bath doesn’t interest you, or perhaps you simply don’t have the time. You’ve decided upon a standalone shower to suit your needs. But you should still consider how your time spent in the shower is going to make you feel each day.

Showers should provide you with comfort and ease as you start each morning. This is why we recommend using a travertine marble pattern when you design your surrounding walls. The silky, smooth materials of travertine marble have the added benefit of helping you relax and decompress due to its creamy, calming texture and beauty. Whenever you step inside and switch on the warm, running water, you should be able to unwind and regroup, and a travertine marble design will help you undergo this process. In addition, you may want to consider installing a fixed glass panel instead of the traditional shower curtain, allowing you to effortlessly slide into your showers and feel at one with the all-natural stone tile surroundings you’ve just installed for yourself.

But let’s say you want to give yourself the option of the occasional bath even though you mostly take showers each day. A bathtub-to-shower conversion is always a viable option, giving you the clear choice to define your own routine each day as you see fit.

An additional bathroom remodeling option is to install a separate bathtub in case you’d like to treat your baths a fully luxurious and soothing retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Consider a freestanding bathtub, a standalone tub that adds the feeling of a full spa treatment that you simply won’t get from a traditional, built-in tub. Freestanding baths also add significantly to the spatial dimensions of your bathroom depending on where you place them. Having your tub in the center can seal the deal in solidifying the soothing inner sanctum that is your personal bathroom.

You have plenty of choices to consider when you’re asking yourself the “bath or showers-or both” question. Whichever bathroom remodeling option you pick must be the best-suited choice for you and your family’s needs.

Using Online Resources for Bathroom Remodeling

You are ready to begin bathroom remodeling and would love a designer look, but don’t know how to select a handle from a countertop to achieve a cohesive look. Never fear, design ideas have never been simpler than your laptop. There are several sites online that will help you achieve your look and can even help you to collect your virtual idea book.

Amazing visuals curated by some amateur and mostly professional designers, Houzz is a virtual design and architecture playroom. Sift through hundreds of designs by style, color or materials theme to create your dream space with ease. Then, select them and put those images on your saved file or bathroom remodel ‘lookbook’. Houzz is essentially free access into the minds and style of some of the best in the design business. It is considered the largest designer hub on the Internet.

Unlike Houzz, anyone and everyone can pin their ideas. And online scrapbooking is simple using this virtual pin-board. Simply select the images you’d love to come back to and pin them to your board. You can create separate boards for your bathroom remodel, kitchen redo or anything you want to save the link and image for to return to later. You can follow other designers that have their own Pinterest boards to see when and how they update their selections. Pinterest makes creating links easy and seamless. This site also helps you to visualize things you may have come across on the Internet and want to come back to later.

Watching television and a great bathroom remodel idea pops on? Run to your laptop and simply put in the name of the show to find all the info on that specific design. offer thousands of design ideas, images, designer tips and hints to create a perfect bathroom remodeling. Rate Your Space on is an excellent spot to post your before and after pics to get feedback on the designs for the bathroom remodeling you’ve chosen.

House Beautiful
Aside from a fantastic design magazine, House Beautiful is also a gorgeous landscape to look for inspiration. Select the space you’re looking to design and sift through thousands of images, articles and designer tips on creating the look you are after. House Beautiful also creates specific style or color collections, so you can see things like Top Five Bathroom Remodeling Styles, or the like. House Beautiful is great site to gather ideas and information.

Elle Decor
Like House Beautiful, Elle Decor provides visual inspiration, but with a higher-end look. Select Elle if you’re after a richer design with a European flavor. Elle also provides insight from some of the top designers in the field. Images are very European, so may want to choose only one element or the entire look, depending on your style.

No matter which site you use for your bathroom remodeling, design ideas are overwhelming the Internet. Start with a simple color scheme or perhaps design style (contemporary, classic or chic) and go from there. Be inspired and start collecting your ideas. Then, give us a call so we can help you achieve the beautiful bathroom remodeling design you’re after.

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